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Why study English here?

Personalized Lessons

Whether you are studying for school, work, travel, the IELTS exam, or just for fun, I tailor each lesson to meet your needs. Your goals are my goals.

Online Courses

I offer a range of materials for you to study on your own, including PDF files, video courses and free downloads.

Dedicated Teacher

I've been an English language teacher for more than 10 years and I am here to help you if you are studying online with me, taking my online courses or just needing help with an English question!

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What students say




I had another great time to talk with Laura. Her lesson is a very important part of my English learning. She always prepares materials which are filled with many new expressions and words.

I really enjoyed sharing our ideas. Her explanations and feedback are very helpful.




Thank you so much for the very professional lesson, Laura. And your feedback is also a great help.

I appreciate that very much. See you again.

Hsiu Chih

Hsiu Chih


I liked the way she taught me so I could understand everything.

I am looking forward to my next lesson with her.

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How do online classes work?

Sign up for a class. When it is time to start, we will connect over Skype or a similar online video conferencing software. You need a good internet connection, a microphone and a webcam. It is actually quite similar to private tutoring, but from the comfort of your own home!

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