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Personalized Lessons

Do you want to improve your fluency and confidence in everyday English?
Or maybe you have to make small talk with foreigners on your trip or at your office.
Perhaps you are tired of having to repeat yourself, because of your foreign accent.
Whatever your goals are, I’ll work with you to help you make it happen.

Online Courses

Are you an independent learner? Or maybe you are just too busy to find a set time for class.
No worries! These online courses give you the flexibility to improve your pronunciation, boost your vocabulary and take your English to the next level all on your own schedule.
The best thing is that each course comes with the option to interact with your teacher or even fellow students. Study on your own without being alone.

Dedicated Teacher

My passion is languages. As a language learner myself, I know the challenges you face learning English.
With over a decade (10 years) of experience teaching the English language, I will help give you the tools and confidence to reach your English learning goals and speak English more fluently.

Need practice with a native speaker?

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Experienced Teacher

I’ve been teaching English as a second language since 2008.

Students from all over the world

I regularly work with students from Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, France, Costa Rica and more.

Classes to fit YOU

If you need help with speaking, fluency, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, test preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP) or writing, I’m here to help!

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Most Popular Courses

Choose the skill you want to boost with one of the courses below.


FREE – One-Minute Vocabulary Videos

Learn interesting English vocabulary in just ONE minute. This course adds new lessons each month and includes regular quizzes to test your memory of these new words. Best of all, it’s free!

pay, digit, number

Numbers Mini-Course – Use numbers confidently in English!

Practice listening to English numbers in songs!

laptop, woman, education

Advanced Phrasal Verbs Mini-Course – Part 1

Do you feel like you are repeating the same basic vocabulary all the time in English? This mini-course aims to help you recognize situations where you can replace some of the more basic verbs in English with more natural sounding phrasal verbs to make your conversation a little more varied and concise. You will learn 45 phrasal verbs with three audio lessons, including lesson handouts, audio transcripts and lesson quizzes. For half the cost of a 30 minute lesson, get more than 30 minutes of audio lessons and additional supporting materials.

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