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You may have noticed that some adjectives have two different forms, the -ed form and the -ing form. It may seem confusing, but really it is quite simple!

Adjective ending in -ed

This adjective describes how you or another person/being can feel. It is used to describe the feeling, not the thing that caused the feeling.

I am tired, because I worked all day long.
She is shocked, because she didn’t expect the surprise.

Adjective ending in -ing

This adjective describes something that can make you feel a certain way.

This work is tiring. (It is making the workers want to rest.)
The grammar is not confusing. (It won’t make you feel confused.)

Test yourself!

Fill in the blank with the correct adjective form of the word in the parenthesis ( ).

Question 1

Don't watch scary movies if they make you feel so !  (frighten)

Question 2

The problem was really _____.  (frustrate)

Question 3

The Queen is not _____. (amuse)

Question 4

I was _____ by his question.  (confuse)

Question 5

The movie was very _____ (excite), but the ending made me feel _____. (disappoint)

Question 6

The teacher was very _____ so the students felt extremely _____.  (bore)

Question 7

She was _____ after working for 32 hours straight. (exhaust)

Question 8

He thought the sound was very _____. (annoy)


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