Adverb Placement

Adverbs modifying non-verbs

The adverb should go in front of the word it is modifying (usually an adjective, preposition or other adverb).

We thought it was a very silly idea. (Very modifies silly.)
The ball fell just over the line. (Just modifies over.)

Adverbs modifying verbs

The adverb should go after the verb or verb phrase.

He runs slowly. (Slowly modifies runs.)
They walked into the park quietly and unnoticed(Quietly and unnoticed modify walked.)

**Of course there are exceptions. Adverbs such as always, generally, never, rarely, seldom, always, often and sometimes go before the verb. If it is the verb to be then the adverb goes after as usual.

I often wonder why people do things. (Often modifies wonder.)
She rarely gets caught in traffic. (Rarely modifies gets.)
They are always late! (Always modifies are. Because it is to be, the adverb goes after.)



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