Adverbs of Frequency

If you want to say how often something occurs, you had best use an adverb of frequency. Here is a chart to help you know when to choose the best adverb for what you mean to say:

How Often? Adverb of Frequency
100% of the time Always
85% of the time Usually
75% of the time Frequently
60% of the time Often
50% of the time Sometimes
40% of the time Occasionally
10% – 30% of the time Rarely, Seldom, Hardly ever
0% of the time Never


Where does the adverb go? The adverb goes before the verb it modifies.

I often think about pizza.
She rarely wants to eat sardines.

If you are modifying the verb to be, the adverb goes after the verb.

I am never late.
They are always on time.



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