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IN, ON or AT?

Recently, I had a Facebook Live class all about the prepositions IN, ON and AT. Watch the rebroadcast here and then quiz yourself about the prepositions below! Be sure to send me a message and let me know how you did and if you have any questions or comments! You Read more…

Past Perfect Quiz

If you aren’t sure about when to say “have had” or “had had”, here are some resources for you. Watch this week’s live lesson rebroadcast on Facebook (you should be a member of Laura’s English Class Group). Read more about the grammar online here. Take the quiz below!  Past Perfect Read more…

FOR or OF? Preposition Quiz Part 2

Are you one of the many students who finds these two prepositions a little tricky? Here are some general uses and a small quiz to help you start to get these prepositions straight.


Of is usually used to talk:

  • about belonging and possession 
  • with partitive expressions (a loaf of bread, a cup of water, etc)
  • using idiomatic expressions and common collocations


For is usually used to talk:

  • about a purpose or reason
  • about a use of an object
  • about time duration
  • using idiomatic expressions and common collocations

Take the preposition quiz below to see if you have mastered these two prepositions.