Coffee Art – Reading and Quiz

In South Korea, the number of coffee drinkers has almost doubled since 1990.  Lee Kang-bin is a talented barista who is taking advantage of this growing market. He has recently become famous for his unusual and elaborate coffee designs at his cafe in Seoul.

Instead of making the usual decorative coffee by shaking the foam to create a pattern, he uses a set of tools and food coloring to recreate famous works of art in the foam of each drink. He posts a lot of his work to Instagram (the link is below).

On average, it takes him only fifteen minutest to take a regular latte to the next level. This means that although you will have an impressive work of art, your coffee will probably be cold by the time it is served!



coffee drinker
to take advantage of
a growing market
to take (something) to the next level

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Interested in seeing his work? Watch the video on MSN about him here.

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