Commonly Confused:

Look, see and watch are similar verbs, but used very differently. Do you know when to use the right one?

Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1

This man is blind. He can not at all.

Question 2

I can’t go out to dinner with you tonight. I have to my sister’s children.

Question 3

We have tickets to go and the soccer game. Do you want to come with us?

Question 4

out! The teacher is coming!

Question 5

It is hard for people nowadays not to at their phones every couple of minutes.

Question 6

I waved at you, but you didn’t me.

Question 7

Please don’t at your cell phone when you are driving!

Question 8

Hey, what are you at? You look distracted!

Question 9

Did you just that? What was it?

Question 10

His son gets very upset if he is not allowed to TV after school.

Question 11

We are going to a film at home tonight.

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