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Montpelier Field Trip and Online Course – January 23 at 8 am and 10 am EST

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What is a field trip?

A field trip is a class where the students and teacher all go to a different location to learn by watching or doing.

COVID-19 is keeping most people indoors, but this is perfect for taking a VIRTUAL field trip!

Grab a cozy blanket and a cup of hot tea and send your teacher out into the January snow to show you around in this live group class on Saturday, January 23rd. Before the lesson, use the online materials you can find here in the course.

This is better for upper intermediate English learners and above. If you aren’t sure about your level, either talk with your teacher or, if you are new at Laura’s English Class, sign up for your first free trial lesson here to find out.

Let’s take a field trip!

Join our virtual Field Trip and combine an online English course with a live video lesson and tour of my city!

What do you get in this course?

After you sign up for this course, you get immediate access to the online materials, including:

  • The virtual trip itinerary and information about our destination: Downtown Montpelier, Vermont, USA,
  • The live group class log-in details for January 23, 2021 at 8 am or at 10 am EST (New York Time),
  • Downloadable live lesson materials such as the lesson handout (with vocabulary, grammar and listening activities) and class Scavenger BINGO board,
  • Online quizzes to practice the vocabulary and grammar from the handout.
  • You will attend the Field Trip via Zoom, with a duration of about 1 hour.
  • You will have access to photos from the trip and the tour video after the lesson.

When is the Field Trip?

The Field Trip will take place on Saturday, December 19th at 8 am EST (New York Time). You will be able to log in via Zoom. The log-in info will be provided in the online course materials after sign-up.

Tell me about the Field Trip!

This Field Trip is for adult students who have an upper intermediate level of English and above. If you are not sure of your English level, contact your teacher to find out if this Field Trip would be right for you!

The Field Trip will include the following sights and English class schedule:

  • A review of the vocabulary with a game,
  • An introduction of the history of the city by the Vermont Statehouse with a short listening activity by a special guest,
  • A discussion section where you will have the chance to join in the group discussion as we walk down the main street towards the main intersection,
  • A trivia listening activity at the main hub and intersection of the city,
  • A wrap up and question section as we end the tour at the City Hall.
  • During the whole tour, we will also be playing Scavenger Hunt BINGO. The first person to spot all the items on the board they choose wins 1 million points and the title of Field Trip Champion!
  • After the official tour, you are also welcome to stay on the line to chat and walk with your teacher back down to the beginning location of the tour (though there will be no more lesson activities at this point).
Hopefully, the weather won’t be THIS snowy…but it might be! Have you seen the snow yourself?

Other information


During the class, you can ask the teacher to take pictures of anything you find interesting. These pictures will be available for download after the Field Trip in the online course.


Additionally, the Field Trip will be recorded. You will be able to access the video of this class in the online course. This will not be a public video for all to see. Instead, it is just for those who are enrolled in this online course.

**If you do not want to appear in the video, please do not turn on your camera during the Field Trip. By signing up for this course, you are agreeing to being recorded. I encourage you to still participate with your microphone. However, please keep your microphone muted when you aren’t speaking!


On future field trips, we may arrange to have souvenirs. However, due to increased cases of COVID in the area and tightening restrictions, this will not be offered for this first trip. Sorry about that! We will do our best to provide this in the future!


After booking this course, the Field Trip price is not refundable unless:

  • There is a serious reason that the Field Trip must be rescheduled (like a winter storm or sickness) and you are not able to attend the new Field Trip date. You must let me know about this before the new Field Trip date and time, or a refund will be impossible.
  • You write to your teacher at and explain why you need to cancel. In this case, refunds are not guaranteed, but I do try to be flexible.
  • Less than minimum of three students sign up for the date and the Field Trip is cancelled for that date.

If there is a reason to reschedule this trip, I will let all the students know as early as possible with the new date and time for the rescheduled event. If you have a problem with that time, you must let me know as soon as you can.

Course Content

Field Trip Log-in Details
Field Trip Materials - Preview these BEFORE the Field Trip!