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Course Description

In this free pronunciation course, we take a look at three famous English tongue twisters and take out some important features of American English.

Who should take this course?

Any English language learner is welcome to take this course. It covers just a few of the many pronunciation features that can be challenging for speakers of other languages.

  • Chinese or French speakers having trouble with the vowels in “It” and “Eat”,
  • Japanese speakers wanting to reduce their accent with [w] sounds, as in “would”,
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about the American English accent, especially the T-flap sound,
  • Any English language learner wanting to practice to improve their fluency and reduce their foreign accent.

In this course you will learn about:

  • Three tongue twisters,
  • Two short vowels: [I] and [e],
  • Two long vowels: [aI] and [i:],
  • The “t-flap”,
  • The consonant [w].

This course includes:

  • Over an hour of FREE video material,
  • Three main video lessons,
  • Eight listening quizzes,
  • Seven practice videos,
  • Feedback from the teacher about your final project.

When you finish the course, you are invited to post your own video of you trying the tongue twisters on FlipGrid to receive teacher and fellow student feedback. That’s the “challenge” of this pronunciation course!