Declining an Invitation

It’s Friday night!

Your friends are all ready to go out to a bar and sing Karaoke!

The problem?

You have had a really long and stressful week.

You just finished working overtime and just want to go relax at home by yourself and get some “me time.”


Oh no! It’s your friend inviting you to go out with them.

What will you say?!?!

It can be tricky to refuse an invitation politely in English. You definitely don’t want to offend your English-speaking friends!

Take a look below to see some helpful ways to refuse in English that won’t tick off your friends.

What to say if…

Someone invites you to do something you normally would like to do:

Refusing offers you want to do

Someone invites you to do something you normally do not like doing:

refusing offers you don't want to do

You want to take a rain check:

suggesting other times

That’s it! So sit back and relax tonight. Enjoy the fact that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to!


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