English Is Like a Gangster

 Today I remembered a funny joke I had heard about English. It came from urbandictionary.com:


English urban dictionary


If you think about how many English words come from French, German, and even Old Norse, it seems to be true!

dark alleyEnglish also takes from:

  •  Japanese (karaoke, manga, haiku, sushi,…),
  •  Hindi and Urdu (cushy, bandanna, mantra, nirvana,…),
  •  Arabic (adobe, algebra, henna, giraffe,…)
  •  Native American languages, such as Algonquian (moose, muskrat, woodchuck,…) and Quechua (condor, Inca, puma, quinine, llama,…)
  •  And many other languages!


Vocabulary: lurk, beat up, rifle through, spare change


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