Everyday or Every Day?

A lot of English language learners and native speakers alike confuse everyday and every day. Really, what is the difference? It comes down to the part of speech and whether you are actually talking about time.


Everyday is an adjective.

It is used to describe the quality of being normal or usual.

This is an everyday occurrence.
Everyday is an adjective used to modify occurrence. The sentence means that this is a normal or usual event.
We are just your average, everyday people.
Everyday is an adjective to modify people. The sentence means that we are average, normal people.

Every day is an adverb and a noun.

It is used adverbially to talk about time.

This happens every day.
Every is an adverb to modify day. It is not just some days that it happens, but each day.
I go to work every day.
Every modifies day. This means that I go to work each day of the week.


If you aren’t sure if you should use everyday or every day, try replacing it with the adjective ordinary.

If the sentence still makes sense, use the one-word form everyday in your sentence.

If the sentence does not make sense, you should use the two-word form every day in the sentence.

It is just an ordinary work hat.
check-mark-icon (2)Changing everyday for ordinary makes sense! You are talking about ordinary or usual. Use the one-word form everydayIt is just an everyday work hat.


I go to the beach ordinary.
warning-alert-signChanging every day for ordinary makes no sense. You are trying to talk about when you go to the beach. Because you are meaning to talk about time, use the two-word form every dayI go to the beach every day.


Practice – Fill in the blank

  1. He goes to the park ___________. [expand title=”Answer”] every day [/expand]
  2. She eats out _________ at the same restaurant. [expand title=”Answer”] every day [/expand]
  3. He isn’t a chef, just an ______ line cook. [expand title=”Answer”] everyday [/expand]
  4. This newspaper comes out __________. [expand title=”Answer”] every day [/expand]
  5. This shampoo is for ________ use. [expand title=”Answer”] every day [/expand]