Family Relationships Vocabulary and Quiz

Take a look at the family vocabulary:

  • Sister – brother – sibling ;    father – mother – parents ;  son – daughter – children
  • uncle – aunt ;  cousin  ;  niece – nephew
  • grandmother – grandfather – grandparents ; grandson – granddaughter – grandchildren
  • Great grandmother – great grandfather ; great great grandparents ; ancestors
  • distant relatives – extended family ;  immediate family
  • wife – husband – spouse ; stepmother – stepfather ; stepchildren
  • in-laws –  mother-in-law – father-in-law

Test yourself! Please choose the answer that fits the question.

Question 1

Your brother's mother's husband has four children. How many siblings do you have?

Question 2

Who is your grandson's mother?

Question 3

Which of these is NOT in your immediate family?

Question 4

Which of these can’t be BOTH a boy or girl?

Question 5

Who is your aunt's husband?

Question 6

Who is your father’s wife’s child?

Question 7

Which of these is not a girl?

Question 8

Your father has two sisters and three brothers. Your mother has one sister and four brothers. How many aunts do you have?

Question 9

Who is your grandmother’s grandchild’s father?

Question 10

Which of these is not a boy?

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