FOR or OF? Preposition Quiz Part 2

Are you one of the many students who finds these two prepositions a little tricky? Here are some general uses and a small quiz to help you start to get these prepositions straight.


Of is usually used to talk:

  • about belonging and possession 
  • with partitive expressions (a loaf of bread, a cup of water, etc)
  • using idiomatic expressions and common collocations


For is usually used to talk:

  • about a purpose or reason
  • about a use of an object
  • about time duration
  • using idiomatic expressions and common collocations

Take the preposition quiz below to see if you have mastered these two prepositions.

Question 1

I have a lot ___ respect ___ him.

Question 2

They were so proud ___ their daughter's achievements.

Question 3

What do you do ___ work?

Question 4

Wow! Look how strong Bong-soon is! She is capable ___ lifting all those boxes by herself!

Question 5

Well, ___ one thing, this product is a lot cheaper than the other one.

Question 6

What is that thing? It looks like some kind ___ insect!

Question 7

No, I insist. Please let me pay ___ dinner!

Question 8

He is a friend ___ a friend.

Question 9

The criminal should be liable ___ his mistakes.

Question 10

Can you get some paper ___ the printer from the supply closet?

Don’t forget to let me know if you have questions! See you online very soon!