Go home, English. You’re Drunk!

I knew that there were a lot of words out there to talk about drinking and being drunk in English. Of the top of my head, I could think of at least 40!

Then I did a little research and found that there are THOUSANDS of words that are used to mean “drunk” in English. To be honest, most of these are uncommon, but they are all still understandable to the average English speaker.

To do something a little different today, here is a list of some of the more common ways to express being drunk in American English. If you can think of any more expressions, feel free to leave me a message or comment!

If you have just had a beer or two: 

alcohol, alcoholic, background

-tipsy (adj)
-buzzed (adj)
-feel a buzz/have a buzz (verb phrase)


If you are in a formal situation (or with the cops):

Police Man and Police Woman Plastic Toy on Fllow

-inebriated (adj)
-intoxicated (adj)
-under the influence / under the influence of alcohol (verb phrase)

Expressions for straight-up drunk:

Man in White Dress Shirt Holding Glass Bottle on Brown Wooden Table

-drunk as a skunk (idiom)
-unkdray (adj)
-hammered (adj)
-sloshed (adj)
-toasted (adj)
-tanked (adj)
-sauced (adj)
-schnockered (adj)
-trashed (adj)
-wasted (adj)
-marinated (adj)
-pickled (adj)
-loaded (adj)
-totaled (adj)
-wrecked (adj)
-lit (adj)
-bombed (adj)
-bent (adj)
-FUBAR (adj)
-sudsed (adj)
-about gone (adj)
-long gone (adj)
-stinking drunk (adj)
-well-done (adj)
-sh*t-faced (adj) *very informal
-f*cked up (adj) *very informal
-three sheets to the wind (idiom)
-off the wagon (idiom)
-jober as a sudge (silly idiom)
-cork high and bottle deep (idiom)
-had a few too many (idiom)
-at peace with the floor (idiom)
-on a bender (idiom)
-off his/her face (idiom) *common in the UK
-pissed (adj) *UK only (in the USA, this actually means “angry”)
-boozed up (adj)
-alkied up (adj)
-liquored up (adj)
-smashed (adj)
-on the rocks (idiom)
-schwilly (adj)
-turnt (adj)
-turnt up (adj)
-cross-faded (adj)
-plastered (adj)
-crunk (adj)

These are just some of the  more common ones that I have heard and used in the USA. Like I mentioned above, there are tons more!

If you do end up drinking this weekend (if you are old enough to drink alcohol), remember to drink responsibly and have fun!