Good or Bad – Slang quiz *for adult students only!*

English can be a bit confusing. I’m not talking about the grammar, the spelling or the pronunciation.

I mean that there are expressions that can actually say the opposite of what they seem to.

It is challenging enough that English has words like:


(Thanks Google!)

To make it worse, English has a lot of slang* that simply doesn’t mean what it sounds like.

If you are an adult student, feel free to take the quiz below and test yourself on these slang expressions. Do the expressions mean something positive or something negative?

*A note on slang, from your Teacher to you:

Slang expressions are important to learn and know when you are learning another language. Such expressions are common in informal conversations (and in American movies / TV shows) and are useful to understand!

HOWEVER, it is very important to learn the context where such slang can be used.

  • Used correctly, it can sound very natural in certain situations.
  • Used too often or used incorrectly, you will make a bad impression or insult people. (Here is an example from personal experience, if you are trying to talk to an English-speaking woman in a bar, DON’T use swears to show that you know slang. This will be seen as quite rude and NOT get you a date!)

If you are not an adult and you are reading this, please note that all English-speaking cultures think swearing is not appropriate for children.

Slang Quiz

Question 1

He bombed his test. (*slang)

Question 2

You ain't shit. (*slang, VERY informal/rude)

Question 3

He is a wicked man.

Question 4

He did it half-assed. (*slang, VERY informal/rude)

Question 5

You are the shit. (*slang, very informal)

Question 6

That's sick! (*slang)

Question 7

You are the bomb. (*slang)

Question 8

Wicked! (*slang)

Question 9

He is a bad ass.

Question 10

You are not the shit. (*slang, VERY informal/rude)

Question 11

That's sick. (*slang)

Question 12

Bless your heart.

Questions? Let me know!

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