Meet your teacher

I have been a teacher since 2008 for English language learners of all ages and levels and of many different cultural backgrounds. After graduating Smith College with a degree in French Studies, I moved to Taipei, Taiwan to teach English at Kojen American English School. I taught everything from grammar, vocabulary and conversation to business English classes. After nearly five years in Taiwan, I decided that I would move to South America to get a different experience. I lived in Vitória, Brazil and taught English there for two more years. Now I am back in Vermont in the United States, continuing with the job I love online. Outside of class, I have been a language learner and traveler for as long as I can remember. I have traveled through France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, to name a few. I began learning languages as a kid, and have never stopped. I studied French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, American Sign Language and even some Spanish. I know that learning languages can be challenging, especially if you don’t have anywhere to practice speaking.


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