Idioms – Food

You are what you eat.

It is important to eat healthy food to stay healthy. If you eat unhealthy food, you will be unhealthy.

-I ate all the donuts, and now I feel terrible. -Well, you are what you eat!


The Broken EggHave egg on your face.

You have done something wrong, and now you feel embarrassed or stupid.

I really have egg on my face now. I accidentally ate all the snacks for the party before it even started.


To eat your wordsTiger Yawning

To admit that what you said was very wrong.

You told them to break up, but now they are getting married. You will have to eat your words at the wedding!


DeliciousTo whet your appetite

To stimulate your desire for something or make you want something more.

-Some people say violent video games whet teenagers’ appetite for acting violently.


(Not) be your cup of teaCup Of Tea Isolated

To be something you are (not) interested in.

-I am afraid that skydiving is just not my cup of tea.



Read the short story about a man’s experience.

One day, I got into a terrible car crash and almost died. I don’t know why, but this whet my appetite for adventure. I guess I figured that I will only live once, so I should go and do all those things I have always wanted to do. So, I signed up for a skydiving class. It only took one hour of class for me to figure out that this was not my cup of tea; however, I had told all of my friends about the class, and made a big show of how unafraid I was to go. If I didn’t go skydiving, I would have to eat my words. I hate getting egg on my face, so I had to come up with a plan. It was quite simple, actually. I paid the instructor to attach my GoPro to his jacket during his jump. This way, I could show my friends the video and pretend that it was me. Really, I was down at the café next to the skydiving school eating some chicken. They say you are what you eat!

What is the joke in the last two sentences?


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