Idioms with AS + Adjective + AS

The idioms below are all ways to strengthen the meaning of the adjective. You can use these idioms instead of saying “very,” “really,” or “so.”

For example: He can’t see very well. => He is as blind as a bat!

The idioms do not mean that the subject is literally the same as the object. Using a non-literal object in this comparison emphasizes the quality of the adjective.

Check out the list of idioms that use this grammar and take the quiz below.

Idioms about animals-

as brave as a lion
as blind as a bat
as fast as a rabbit
as fat as a pig
as hungry as a wolf
as mean as a snake
as proud as a peacock
as tired as a dog
as busy as a bee
as smart as an owl

Idioms about other things-

as good as gold
as clear as mud
as cheap as dirt
as ugly as sin
as white as snow
as hard as nails
as easy as pie
as fit as a fiddle
as cool as a cucumber
as cold as ice
as clean as a whistle


Fill in the blanks with the correct idioms from above!

Question 1

This lesson material is so helpful. It is .

Question 2

You are not stressed at all about this test. You are .

Question 3

This bag is not very expensive! It is .

Question 4

At the end of the very long work day, he was .

Question 5

Mary had a little lamb. It’s fleece was .

Question 6

She has so many things to do today. She is .

Question 7

I didn’t eat breakfast. I am .

Question 8

I don't understand what you are trying to say. Your explanation is to me.

Question 9

Wow, this room is spotless. The floors are .

Question 10

He is not very nice. He is .

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