IELTS Expressions – Saying what you mean

Oops! You just said something that wasn’t very clear in the IELTS test.
Don’t worry! Just use these expressions to add on a statement to clarify or describe your idea in more detail.


That is a terrible problem! What I am trying to say is that it the issue is extremely complicated and serious.

I am not very sure how to answer that… Let me put that another way. That is a very tough question to answer, because both sides of the issue have valid points.

Ugh, I don’t really think so. What I mean is, I am not sure that it presents the best solution to this problem. 

He is, like, good at baseball, better than, you know, other players. In other words, he is one of the best players in the world!

So if he steals it like that, I think stealing is OK… Let me clarify by saying that I mean only in this example. I don’t think stealing is OK!

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