Kinds of Adverbs

Adverbs are words or phrases that modify adjectives, verbs, other adverbs or word groups. Usually, you can spot an adverb because it ends in -ly. They define place, time, degree or manner of the word they are modifying.

Adverbs of How

Words like quickly, slowly, carefully and happily are adverbs that describe the manner or how something is done.

She ran away quickly(How did she run away? Quickly.)
He drove slowly on the icy roads. (How did he drive on the icy roads? Slowly.)
We picked the baby birds up carefully(How did you pick up the baby birds? Carefully.)
I was singing happily in the shower. (How were you singing in the shower? Happily.)

Adverbs of Where

Words like hereeverywhere and outside are adverbs of place. They answer the question, “Where?”

You should go here first. (Where should I go first? Here.)
Air is found everywhere(Where is air found? Everywhere.)
She brought the dog outside(Where did she bring the dog? Outside.)

Adverbs of When

These time adverbs tell us when or how often something happens. Words like now, yesterday, tomorrow, sometimes, and daily are adverbs of When.

I want it now. (When do you want it? Now.)
She is coming over tomorrow. (When is she coming over? Tomorrow.)
They sometimes go to the movies. (How often do they go to the movies? Sometimes.)
She reads the newspaper daily(How often does she read it? Daily.)

Adverbs of How Much

Words like very, quite, and entirely tell us to what degree something happens.

He is very handsome. (How handsome is he? Very.)
They are driving quite quickly. (How quickly are they driving? Quite!)
I agree with you entirely(To what degree do you agree with me? Entirely.)



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