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Learning a new language is a lot of work! First, you have to absorb the new grammar, sounds and vocabulary. More importantly, you have to start using it to communicate with others.

Eventually, you get to a level where you are comfortable and confident in the new language in many different topics and life situations. Once you get to this level of fluency, don’t stop!

Remember: “Use it or lose it.”

Please use the materials on this website to help you improve your English!

If you have questions or want to practice, please let me know.


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Speaking and Listening Practice

The best way to improve is to use the language! Take a class to practice and improve your speaking and listening.

Popular courses:
Conversation Class
4-Skills Class
Textbook Class
Personalized English Class
Business English Class
IELTS Preparation Class

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All classes take place online. You will need a webcam, and a good headset (with microphone). Please be sure you have also downloaded the most recent version of Skype.

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Grammar Practice

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 See more about grammar on the Grammar page.

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