FlipGrid Final Assignment

Post your FINAL video to FlipGrid

Find your first video and REPLY to post your last video

This video will let you compare your progress during this course.

  1. Go to FlipGrid here:   https://flipgrid.com/31eab726
  2. Enter the Password: Baker123
  3. Find your FIRST FlipGrid video. Click on “Reply” and post yourself saying this Practice Paragraph again.
  4. Watch your first video. Now watch your last video. In what ways did you improve? What are some of the sounds that you still need to work on in this Practice Paragraph?
  5. Click “Mark Complete” in the lesson below!
  6. Keep practicing and good luck!

If you don’t remember how to upload to FlipGrid, there is a tutorial video in the “Let’s Get Started – Orientation” Section of this course (see the left side of the screen for the “How to Use this Course” Section’s “How to – FlipGrid Tutorial“).

**Now that you have completed this course, be sure that you clicked on “Mark Complete” in ALL of the lessons. If you mark all the lessons complete and have gotten all the way here, you have earned a Certificate of Completion! Be sure to download your certificate from the top of your lesson. **

Congratulations! You have worked hard to get here!

Please let me know what you thought about the course!
I’m always trying to improve the lessons to make them better for all of you, so your thoughts would be very helpful!

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