What’s Next?

You have done a lot of excellent work so far to improve your pronunciation in English!

Don’t stop now!

Continue working on reducing your foreign accent by signing up for the newest course:
English Pronunciation for Chinese Speakers.
Available: February 29, 2020.

In this course, you will target the sounds that give Chinese speakers the most trouble in English, such as:
TH, for example: This is the thirty-fourth thing.
Vowels, especially those long ones where you have open your mouth wider!
-Final or clustered L sounds, the “Dark L“, for example: Will or milk.
-The four ways North Americans say the T sound.
-Final N, M and NG sounds, for example: Dim, din, ding.
Timing and stress in English.
Linking to make your speaking smoother.

Want more? Need more?

I’m here to help! Let’s work together to reduce your foreign accent in special personalized online lessons.

During these classes, we will target the areas that trouble you the most and help you train your muscles to sound clearer, more understandable and more fluent in English.