Listening Practice and Quiz – Tips for Airport Security

Airport security is the worst! 

Listen to the short set of tips to make going through airport security an easier and faster experience. The audio transcript is under the quiz below.

Question 1

What does “a taste from home” mean?

Question 2

What does saying “it was more than a little annoying” mean?

Question 3

What does it mean that “people are not usually at their best”?

Question 4

What does “be a total pain” mean in the story?

Question 5

What does “I learned this the hard way” mean?

Question 6

How should you pack your belt in your carry-on?

Question 7

What expressions to “go through quickly” were used in the listening? (Mark all that were used.)

[expand title = “Audio Transcript”]

These days, getting past the TSA agents in security can be a headache. Let me tell about you some of my tips for going quickly through security at the airport.

  1. Put your liquids and electronics in an outside pocket on your carry on, and wear slip-on shoes. Once I was behind this woman who had to stop and unzip her bag and then rummage through all her clothes and underwear to remove her liquids. It was a little embarrassing for everyone to see the rather personal contents of her bag, and then it took her quite some time to repack everything up again. From the perspective of the person behind her, I’d have to say it was more than a little annoying.
    Instead, you should just keep everything in an easy-to-reach pocket, slip off your shoes and zip through.
  2. Wrap your belt around the edge of your suitcase. Don’t roll it up. I had a TSA agent tell me this once as he was taking my bag apart and searching my luggage. So, yeah, FYI.
  3. Usually, this is not a problem for international flights, but can be a concern if you are on a domestic flight, especially in the USA. Don’t bring a brick of cheese or anything that looks like that like that in your carry-on. I learned this the hard way because I agreed to take a package of local cheese from my Dad to my sister who was living across the country in Montana. Now, cheese in Vermont is delicious, so I get why he had wanted to send her a taste from home, but this ended up being a total pain. They stopped me, took my bag apart, patted me down and then…swabbed my hands and luggage for explosives! Apparently, cheese looks just like a wad of explosives on their x-ray machine. So, thanks, Dad!
  4. And lastly, don’t forget to smile or at least be pleasant with the TSA folks. They have an exhausting job, and people are not usually at their best when they are travelling. It’s really stressful for everyone, so be as nice as you can.

So, I hope my experiences at security help you breeze through next time. If you are traveling soon, have wonderful and safe trip!


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