New Year’s Resolutions are Tough


In only two weeks we will all ring in the New Year and make our New Year’s resolutions.

Some people will promise to quit smoking, to go on a diet, to exercise more, to tighten their belts and save money, and so on.

It’s great to want to change and turn over a new leaf, but let’s be honest and admit something: Most of us aren’t going to keep our resolutions until the end of the year.

Studies say that even after the first six weeks, most of us will have fallen off the bandwagon. By July, nearly two-thirds of us will be back to square one.

All I can say is, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Remember that you don’t have to wait for the New Year to have a new YOU!


To ring in the New Year – to celebrate the New Year

To make a New Year’s resolution – to promise to change something in your life starting on January 1st

To go on a diet – to change what you eat so that you can lose weight or be healthier

To tighten your belt – to spend less money and be more frugal

To turn over a new leaf – to give yourself a fresh start, to get rid of a bad habit and start again from the beginning

To fall off the bandwagon – to restart an addiction or bad habit: drinking alcohol, smoking, etc

To be back to square one – to be back at the beginning, to have to start from the beginning again

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. – Keep trying even if you fail!

Test yourself!

Question 1

I gained a lot of weight over the holidays! I really should .

Question 2

I tried to quit smoking last week, but I have already .

Question 3

I spent two weeks on this project, but my boss rejected it. I .

Question 4

You should be nicer to him, he is trying to  and make up for all the bad things he did.

Question 5

Wow, it is already December 31st! What are you planning to do to  tonight?

Question 6

I  to exercise more, but I just binge-watch movies on Netflix instead. Maybe I will change for next year…

Question 7

If you really want to save money, you should  and not go shopping so much!

Question 8

Hey, don’t worry! We all fail sometimes. .

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