Past Perfect Quiz

If you aren’t sure about when to say “have had” or “had had”, here are some resources for you.
  1. Watch this week’s live lesson rebroadcast on Facebook (you should be a member of Laura’s English Class Group).
  2. Read more about the grammar online here.
  3. Take the quiz below! 

Past Perfect Quiz

Fill in the blanks with the right form of the verb in the (parenthesis).

Question 1

If he _________ to such a good university, he wouldn't have gotten that amazing job. (not go)

Question 2

He failed the test because he ________ before he took it. (not study)

Question 3

_____ he already ______ her before today? (meet)

Question 4

I knew who she was because I __________ her on TV before. (see)

Question 5

If I ________ that scary movie, I wouldn't have slept at all last night! (watch)

Question 6

They were very hungry because they ___________ breakfast yet. (not eat)

Question 7

She called his house phone, but he _____________. (already / leave)

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I look forward to seeing you online very soon!