Phrasal Verbs for Travel

Read the following story and try to find the phrasal verbs.

(Hint: There are more than 10!)

You have already packed up your bags and are ready to set out on your adventure. You head out the door and try to hail down a taxi to take you to the airport. Unfortunately, it is rush hour and all the cabs are taken. 

No worries! You hop on a bus instead, which drops you off near the airport. You take a moment to look around to find where to check in for your flight.airplane

Later, after the plane takes off, you make a new friend in the seat beside you and run up a tab ordering drinks and snacks from the flight attendants.

Eventually, your flight touches down at your destination, you say farewell to your new friend and go to find your hotel to check in for the night. You will hit up the tourist sites tomorrow.

Phrasal Verbs

(There were 13!)

Pack up(separable) a casual way to say “to pack” and can be used in the same way.

He packed his bag. = He packed up his bag.

Set out(inseparable) to start a trip or adventure.

She set out on her trip.

Head out(inseparable) to leave or start to travel.

They had to head out at 5 am to catch their early flight.

Hail down(inseparable) a casual way to say “hail” or try to get someone’s attention.

The hungry couple tried to hail down the terrible waitress.

Hop on (inseparable) to jump onto something that is moving or will soon be moving, like a train, bus or cable car.

They hopped on the cable car as it passed.

Drop off(separable) to leave someone or something at a destination.

His mother dropped him off at the airport to catch his flight.

Look around (inseparable) to investigate or examine the surroundings.

He wandered into a neat shop and looked around to find a good souvenir to buy his mom.

Figure out (separable) to find out the solution to a problem.

It took him a little bit of time to figure out what the Chinese sign meant.

Check in (inseparable) to register or sign in for a flight, hotel or other service.

The hotel said that check in is at 3 pm.

Take off (inseparable) to leave the ground and start to fly.

The plane took off on time.

Run up (separable) to get debt or start to owe money.

They ran up a big bill at the fancy restaurant last night.

Touch down (inseparable) to come back down to the Earth after flight.

The plane finally touched down three hours behind schedule.

Hit up (something) (separable) a casual way to say to go and see or experience something

I don’t feel like going to the museum. Why don’t we hit up some of these souvenir shops instead?


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