Phrasal Verbs – Pets

Take a look at the phrasal verbs in the list below. 
Then try to fill in the words in the small story about a naughty dog.

pug rug

Phrasal Verb List – (click to expand) [expand] 

Take care of – care for an animal or person

She has to take care of her 200 tropical fish.

Look after – same as take care of

Her mother looks after her puppy while she is in school.

Drop off – leave something at a place

I dropped my dog off at the dog-sitters.

Pick up – to collect or take something from a place

When can you come and pick up your dog? She’s crazy!

Give up on – to quit or no long pursue an idea or plan

Don’t give up on the dog training classes. Training a pet takes time!

Leave out – to make something available by leaving in an open area

She left out a bowl of food for the stray cat in the neighborhood.

Head out – to leave on a trip

She and her dog headed out to go hike a mountain.

Run out of – to reach the end of a supply, to not have any more of something

Oh no! We have run out of cat food!

Break into – to use force to get into a place you are not allowed to be

The robbers broke into the house, but ran away when they met Fluffy, the 115 pound dog.

Rip open – to tear an opening in a container

The dog ripped open the trash bag and dumped the trash all over the kitchen.

Knock over – to make something fall on its side

The puppy was wagging its tail so hard that it knocked itself over.

Sweep up – to use a broom to clean a mess on the floor

The dog tries to catch the broom whenever I sweep up a spill in the kitchen.

Clean out – to put the inside of a box or enclosed area in order

Ugh! What is that smell? Someone needs to clean out the cat’s litter box!!

Clean up after – to put in order the mess created by another

Pets are a lot of work. You have to spend a lot of time caring for them and cleaning up after them.

Give up – to quit a thing or no longer use it

The family had to give up their horse when they moved to a smaller house.

Get rid of – to stop using or throw away

That dog toy is really gross. You should get rid of it!



Try to fill in the blanks below with the missing word.

I was going on a day trip, but I couldn’t find anyone to   my dog for the day. I asked if I could my dog at the dog-sitter, but they couldn’t look  her. I asked my mom to come  her up, but she was also busy that day.


In the end, I decided to give up on the idea and just leave my dog in the yard for the day. I left  some water and a little bit of food, and  out on my day trip. What could the dog possibly do in just a few hours?


While I was gone, my dog ran  food. So she  the house by squeezing in the cat door! She then went into the kitchen and ate all the food on the counter and ripped  the garbage. She even somehow opened the refrigerator and  over all the bottles and jars.


When I got home, I had to sweep  the mess in the kitchen,  out the refrigerator. It was such a mess that I briefly considered  my dog up! Of course, despite having to clean  her, she is a sweet dog and I could never  rid of her.



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