Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of place define where something is.

Three of the most common prepositions of place are inat, and on.

We use:
  • in to talk about a closed space.
    Example: I am in the elevator.
  • at to talk about a specific point or spot.
    Example: You are at the park.
  • on to talk about touching a surface.
    Example: His cell phone is on the table.
Here are some more ways to describe where things are:


Preposition IN

In – The bear is in the box.

Inside of – The bear is inside of the box.

Within – The bear is within the box.




Preposition IN BETWEENBetween – The bear is between two boxes.

In between – The bear is in between two boxes.





Preposition NEXT TO

Next to – The bear is next to the box.

Beside – The bear is beside the box.

By – The bear is by the box.

Alongside – The bear is alongside the box.



Preposition OVER

Over – The bear is over the box.

Above – The bear is above the box.





Preposition UNDER

Under – The bear is under the box.

Underneath – The bear is underneath the box.

Below – The bear is below the box.






Preposition IN FRONT OF



In front of – The bear is in front of the box.



Preposition ONOnThe bear is on the box.

On top of – The bear is on top of the box.





Behind – The bear is behind the box.Preposition BEHIND

At the far side of – The bear is at the far side of the box.

On the other side of – The bear is on the other side of the box.





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