Present Participles

What are they?

Present participles are the -ing form of the verb. This is the gerund form of the verb.

How do you form them?

Take the base form and add -ing to the end. 

Add + ing = Adding     He is adding the number of items you are buying.
Melt + ing = Melting     The snow is melting because Spring is coming.

Pretty simple! Be careful because there are spelling changes in some cases.

Words that end in -e

Drop the -e and add -ing

Come -> Coming     She is coming down the mountain.
Write -> Writing     They are writing a new story.

Some words that end in -p, -b, -m, -n, -g

Double the consonant and add -ing

Stop -> Stopping     They are stopping over in Luxembourg on the way to Germany.
Stab -> Stabbing     Stop stabbing at your steak and eat it!
Jam -> Jamming     The paper keeps jamming in the printer.
Plan -> Planning     The man is planning a surprise party for his best friend.
Beg -> Begging     After winning the lottery, they won’t be begging for their supper tonight.

Not all words ending in -p, -b, -m, -n double the consonants.


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