Pumpkin Spice and Other Fads

Sometimes there is a sudden popular thing or style that everybody knows about and follows. Today, I’m talking about pumpkin spice, which is a seasonal trend in the United States. 

Here are some natural expressions you can use to talk about this kind of situation in English.

Watch the video about pumpkin spice and try to catch how the following expressions are used.



Example: What is this phenomenon of kids with fidget spinners?! They are everywhere!

How is this expression used in the video? (Fill in the blanks!)

It is pumpkin spice season in the United States, which .


Be a (passing) fad

Example: Mom jeans were a fad in the 90s, that seem to be coming back into fashion now!

Be a craze

Example: Emo fashion was a craze several years ago, but now not very many people dress like that anymore.

Be here to stay

Example: It seems like the selfie culture is here to stay.

How are these expressions used in the video?

It's a little , that I thought , but it seems to .


Be into something

Example: Everyone is really into online cat videos now.

How is this expression used in the video?

Why are people ?


Be a thing

Example: Crop tops are a thing in fashion right now.

How is this expression used in the video?

Now you know a little bit more of why in the United States.


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