Quiz: Talk – Tell – Speak – Say ?

Do you know the difference between these four verbs?

Test yourself below!

Question 1

You should invite Gary. He is really good at jokes.

Question 2

I already you six times!

Question 3

Our boss us to submit our report by Friday.

Question 4

My goodness, that kid a lot! He is a mile a minute without even stopping to breathe!

Question 5

Can you call me back? We need to .

Question 6

"They can't French at all," she her friend.

Question 7

If I could just a few words before we begin...

Question 8

Wow! Really? You don't !

Question 9

I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you. What did you ?

Question 10

"I am afraid to at the conference," he quietly.

Question 11

Can you me the answer one more time?

Question 12

What do you mean that you don't know what to ? I just told you to her that you are sorry for lies.

Question 13

"I'll to him about it," she  to her husband.

Question 14

That restaurant is to be the best in town!

Question 15

Could you me the time?