QUIZ – UP and OUT Phrasal Verbs

Choose the answer that best fits the sentences below.

Question 1

How did you _____ the answer to this problem?

Question 2

How many people _____ for the event last night?

Question 3

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Sorry, I think our connection is _____.

Question 4

She walked so much that she _____ the soles of her shoes.

Question 5

Let's eat _____ tonight instead of cooking at home.

Question 6

Please let me know if you _____ anything more ____ about the situation.

Question 7

Hey, _____, will you? You look so sad today!

Question 8

I haven't seen you since you were four years old! Look at how you have _____.

Question 9

The musician totally _____ when he signed the big contract, moved to LA and forgot about his childhood friends.

Question 10

It is not very cool to drink so much at a party that you _____.

How did you do? Let me know if you have questions or feedback!