Reflexive Pronouns

This is a pronoun that ends in –self or –selves and refers to the noun or pronoun that was just mentioned. It means that the subject and object of the verb are the same.
Singular Plural


Himself, Herself, Itself




I just saw myself in the reflection.
You fell down and hurt yourself.
The little boy knows how to dress himself.

We complimented ourselves on a job well done.
You all bought yourselves new clothes.
They all looked themselves up on Google.

Intensive Pronouns

These reflexive pronouns are often used to intensify or emphasize that the subject was the one who did the action.
You can put this pronoun at the end of the clause or right after the subject.

I ate it myself. (Nobody else helped me eat it.)
Did you see it happen yourself? (Were you the one who actually saw it happen?)
Brad Pitt himself talked to me. (It wasn’t anyone else. It was Brad Pitt!)

We did it ourselves. (We were the ones who did it.)
You yourself know the answer. (You really do know the answer, so don’t pretend not to!)
The boys themselves were good kids. (Emphasizing that the boys were, in fact, quite good children.)



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