QUIZ – Excited or Exciting?

A lot of English learners find the -ED and -ING endings on adjectives a little challenging.  Is it: The party is so excited? OR The party is so exciting? Have you mastered this grammar? You can find more about the rules here. Take the QUIZ below to find out.


You want to talk about the best (or worst)? You need to know the superlative form of an adjective. This is used to describe the one thing that is the most/least like the adjective. With superlatives, there can be only one (or one group). For adjectives that are 1 syllable Use: the + adjective (add -est)  Examples: …

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If you want to compare two nouns in English, you need to know the comparative form for adjectives. For adjectives that are 1 syllable Add -er to the end of the adjective + than Examples: Tall – She is taller than her brother. Short – He is shorter than his sister. *For adjectives that ends with consonant-vowel-consonant, you …

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