Adverb Placement

Adverbs modifying non-verbs The adverb should go in front of the word it is modifying (usually an adjective, preposition or other adverb). Example: We thought it was a very silly idea. (Very modifies silly.) The ball fell just over the line. (Just modifies over.) Adverbs modifying verbs The adverb should go after the verb or verb phrase. Example: He runs slowly. …

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Kinds of Adverbs

Adverbs are words or phrases that modify adjectives, verbs, other adverbs or word groups. Usually, you can spot an adverb because it ends in -ly. They define place, time, degree or manner of the word they are modifying. Adverbs of How Words like quickly, slowly, carefully and happily are adverbs that describe the manner or how something is done. Examples: …

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