April Fool’s Easter Pranks

This Sunday a lot of Americans will be celebrating two holidays: Easter AND April Fool’s Day. Easter is a religious holiday. The non-religious part of the celebration is when children are visited by the Easter Bunny and get baskets of chocolate eggs, chocolate rabbits and other candy. There is usually an Easter egg hunt, which …

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Chinese New Year and the Chinese Zodiac

Happy Chinese New Year! (紅包拿來!) This year will be the Year of the Monkey. Some people believe that the year you are born in the Chinese Zodiac determines your personality. Find out more about the personalities of the Chinese Zodiac animals below!


People in the United States just finished celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the New Year. December and the end of November are so full of different holidays and celebrations that the time period is simply referred to as “the holidays.” Now that the holidays are all over, let’s take a minute to look forward to …

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