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OUT Phrasal Verbs

Last week, I focused on phrasal verbs grouped by the particle “UP”. If you missed it, check out the phrasal verb list here and the video link here.

This week, I have some more phrasal verb vocabulary for you focusing on the particle “OUT”.

Phrasal verbs with OUT tend to have the idea of (1) finishing, (2) leaving or (3) learning/solving something.

Here are 9 more phrasal verbs you can add to your English practice this weekend, divided into these general meaning categories:

General Group 1 – Finishing

Turn out

  1. to literally move forwards and turn (separable)
  2. to result in or end as (inseparable)
  3. to attend an event (inseparable)


  • The car turned out onto the road.
  • I didn’t stay for the end of the movie. How did the story turn out?
  • How many people turned out for the concert last night?


The Present Continuous

Present Continuous

What is it good for?

  • Talking about things that are happening now (or NOT happening now).
    • He is singing a song.
    • I am drinking a cup of coffee.
    • We are not robbing a bank.
  • Talking about ongoing actions, even if they aren’t happening exactly now at this moment.
    • You are studying to be a doctor.
    • I am writing a book.
    • He is practicing to become professional violinist. (more…)