past tense

The Past Continuous

What is it good for? Talking about a continued action in the past that was completed in the past. It was raining all day yesterday. They were sitting in the airport for three days. You weren’t waiting for me when I got there. Talking about parallel actions that continued in the past. I was reading a …

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The Past Perfect

What is it good for? Talking about actions that happened in the past before other actions She had arrived three hours before they did. He wanted to watch a movie, but I had already seen it four times. We had done a lot of work before the team got here. They had just finished when …

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The Present Perfect

What is it good for? Talking about experiences that started before now and continue in the present. I have lived here for one year. He has started to sing and won’t stop. Talking about an action done within an ongoing period of time. She has eaten in a restaurant every night this week. You have fallen down four times …

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