Skype Classes

Lessons Include:

  • One-hour or thirty-minute lesson,
  • Course materials,
  • Detailed notes and feedback about class content,
  • Writing corrections (short texts only),
  • Pronunciation audio or video files, as needed. 

Contact me for group class prices (max 3 students).

Other Payments

*This is by special arrangements with the teacher. By using this option, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

What are you paying for?

Important Details about your Lessons

See the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.

  • Payments should be made when you schedule the lesson. Payments must be made 24 hours before class begins in order to confirm the the booking. Please note that until a payment is made for the class, the time is still open for other students to book!
  • You are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use if you sign up for class. This applies to all classes.
  • You may only sign up for a lesson if you are 18 or older. Younger students must have their parents or guardians sign in and book the class.
  • Each student learns at a different pace. Your progress and results will depend on your effort, amount of study and other factors. I will provide experienced guidance and instruction, but your improvement is always the result of your own hard work!

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes things happen and we need to change our class time. I will try to be as flexible and understanding as I can.
Please understand that once you book a class, I will reserve this time for you; however, there may be other students who had also wanted your class time.  Please let me know as early as you can of any cancellations so that I can offer this time to other students.
Please read the Cancellation Policy below. If you schedule a class with me you are agreeing to this policy. 

The Student Cancels –

More than 24 hours before class starts – No problem! Let’s reschedule, OR I can refund 100% of your class, minus any Paypal fees.

24 – 6 hours before class starts – Let’s reschedule at no penalty!

6 or less hours before class starts – I cannot refund your class. I already prepared your class materials and there is not enough time to offer this class time to any wait-listed students.

No Show – If you miss class without letting me know before the start of class, I cannot refund your class.

The Teacher Cancels –

Before class starts – Let’s find a time to reschedule! I will always try to give you as much advanced notice as possible (more than 24 hours, if possible) about any schedule changes, but sometimes a last-minute cancellation may happen.

If I miss a full class without letting you know, you will have a full 100% refund for the missed lesson (or you are welcome to reschedule), minus Paypal fees, and I give you one 30-minute class for free.  Don’t worry, this has never happened!

What Students Say:

Use Google Translate (*Note: Translations may be strange, because Google Translate is not perfect.)