The First Conditional

What are Conditionals?

These are IF sentences that show a possible or likely cause and effect.

First Conditional

This expresses things that are very likely to happen in the future.

If + S + verb in simple present (+object), (then) S + will + base verb (+object)

  • If it rains today, then I will use my umbrella.
  • If you come to my birthday party, I will be very happy.
  • If we don’t want to eat it, we won’t (eat it).

The two clauses on each side of the comma can be switched. Notice that you don’t use a comma for this.

  • I will use my umbrella if it rains today.
  • I will be very happy if you come to my birthday party.
  • We won’t eat it if we don’t want to (eat it).

Asking a question:

If + subject + verb in simple present (+object), will + subject + base verb (+object)?

  • If it rains today, will you use your umbrella?
  • If I come to your birthday party, will you be happy?

You can also switch the clauses and take out the comma.

  • Will you use your umbrella if it rains today?
  • Will you be happy if I come to your birthday party?

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