The Future Continuous

future continuous

What is it good for?

  • Talking about continuing situations in the future.
    • It will be raining all day tomorrow.
    • They will be talking through the entire movie.
  • Talking about continuing actions in the future that are interrupted.
    • I will be watching TV when you get home from work.
    • We will be living in a retirement home by the time that webpage loads.
  • Talking about continuing actions that will be happening at a specific time.
    • They will be driving home from work at five o’clock.
    • You will be sitting on a beach at this time tomorrow.
  • Talking about parallel actions (happening at the same time) in the future.
    • They will be laughing, singing and dancing all night tonight.
    • At the interviews tomorrow, we will be meeting with all the candidates, reviewing their resumes and discussing who is the best fit for the job.

Making it Negative:

Put not after will. Example: They will not be seeing each other until their wedding day tomorrow.

Asking a Question:

Will + subject+ be + present participle (+object)?

  • Will the children be doing their homework by the time I get home?
  • Will you be waiting for me when I get there?


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