The Past Continuous

past continuous

What is it good for?

  • Talking about a continued action in the past that was completed in the past.
    • It was raining all day yesterday.
    • They were sitting in the airport for three days.
    • You weren’t waiting for me when I got there.
  • Talking about parallel actions that continued in the past.
    • I was reading a book while he was cooking dinner.
    • You were humming along while they were singing the song.

  • Talking about an action that was interrupted in the past.
    • She was eating when the phone rang.
    • I was cooking when he arrived.
    • They saw the accident when they were walking down the street.
  • Talking about a continued action that was happening at a specific time in the past.
    • I was watching TV at 6 o’clock last night.
    • At this time last year, we were sitting on a beach in Brazil.

Making it Negative:

Put not after was/were (or use wasn’t/weren’t).

Example: I was not listening to what you said. They weren’t doing anything when you arrived.

Asking a Question:

Was/were + Subject + Present participle (+ Object)

  • Were you dancing when he arrived?
  • Was he sleeping when the alarm went off at 7am?
  • Weren’t they watching a movie when the fire started?

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