The Past Perfect

past perfect

What is it good for?

  • Talking about actions that happened in the past before other actions
    • She had arrived three hours before they did.
    • He wanted to watch a movie, but I had already seen it four times.
    • We had done a lot of work before the team got here.
    • They had just finished when we arrived.

Making it Negative:

Put not after had (or use hadn’t).


  • He hadn’t baked before, so the cake he made was terrible.
  • We had not seen the news, so we were surprised when we saw zombies everywhere.

Asking a Question:

Had (not) + Subject + Past participle (+ Object)

  • Had he tried to Google the information before he gave up?
  • Hadn’t she seen the giant billboard in front of her house before? It’s been there for weeks.

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