The Present Continuous

Present Continuous

What is it good for?

  • Talking about things that are happening now (or NOT happening now).
    • He is singing a song.
    • I am drinking a cup of coffee.
    • We are not robbing a bank.
  • Talking about ongoing actions, even if they aren’t happening exactly now at this moment.
    • You are studying to be a doctor.
    • I am writing a book.
    • He is practicing to become professional violinist.
  • Talking about the near future.
    • I am driving to the party later.
    • His parents are not visiting us next weekend.
    • Are you coming with us tonight?
  • Talking about bad things that happen often.
    • She is always pushing me.
    • My boss is always yelling at me.
    • You are constantly complaining.

Making it Negative:

Put ‘not’ between the Be Verb and the Present participle. 

  • I am not eating that.
  • We are not driving there.
  • He is not jumping.

Important –

Do not use the present continuous with non-continuous verbs (example: love, cost, fear, dislike, etc). That means that no matter what McDonalds says, you should NOT say, “I’m lovin’ it.”


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