The Present Perfect

Present perfect

What is it good for?

  • Talking about experiences that started before now and continue in the present.
    • I have lived here for one year.
    • He has started to sing and won’t stop.
  • Talking about an action done within an ongoing period of time.
    • She has eaten in a restaurant every night this week.
    • You have fallen down four times in the last five minutes.
  • Talking about an experience in the past at an unspecified time or when the time was not important.
    • We have traveled to Brazil many times.
    • He has read “See Spot Run”.
  • Talking about something that happened in the very recent past using just.
    • He has just arrived.
    • They have just finished their test.

Making it Negative:

Put not between has/have and the past participle. You can contract has not and have not to hasn’t or haven’t.

  • I have not seen you in years.
  • He hasn’t eaten anything all day.
  • We haven’t listened to the news at all this week.

Asking a Question:

Has/Have + Subject (+ever) + Past participle (+ Object)

  • Have you seen my friend today?
  • Haven’t you heard this son before?
  • Has he ever been to France?

Important – You can use ever when asking about experiences, but you cannot use it in the answer.

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