The Present Simple

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What is it good for?

  • Talking about habits.
    • I drink coffee every morning.
    • He doesn’t eat fish.
    • They play soccer every weekend.
  • Talking about repeating actions or events.
    • It rains every day in the summer.
    • We take a trip to France once a year.
    • They play a soccer game here every Tuesday.
  • Talking about general truths.
    • I am from the United States.
    • The Moon revolves around the Earth.
    • Sharks live in the ocean.
  • Talking about fixed plans.
    • Her mother arrives on Friday.
    • The appointment is at five o’clock.

This tense can also be used with future constructions: I will see you when you arrive here.

Important Notes about the 3rd Person Singular (he/she/it):

  • always ends in -s: he drives, she sings, it falls.
  • verbs ending in -y end in -ies: she flies, he cries.
  • verbs ending in -ss, -x, -sh, -ch end in -es: it passes, she catches, he fixes.

Making it Negative:

Put do not/ don’t (or third person singular does not/doesn’t) between subject and verb for statements.

  • I do not think.
  • He does not read.
  • She doesn’t understand.

Asking a Question:

Questions in the present perfect usually start with Do/Does.

      Do + S + Verb (+ object)

  • Do you think?
  • Does she want something?
  • Do we eat this?

You can also ask questions starting with the Be verb: Are you French? Are you tired? Is he handsome?


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