The Simple Past

simple past

What is it good for?

  • Talking about actions completed in the past.
    • I called my mom yesterday.
    • You went to the airport last Sunday.
    • We ate the whole cake.
  • Talking about a series of actions completed in the past.
    • First I called my mom, then I met you at a cafe, then we ate all the cake together.
    • You went to the bus stop, got on the bus, and sat in a seat.
  • Talking about habits in the past.
    • I only ate cereal everyday for a month.
    • She studied Chinese three times a week.
  • Talking about a duration that was completed in the past.
    • I lived in Brazil for two years.
    • He waited in line at the movie theater for two hours.
  • Talking about past facts.
    • You didn’t like dogs when you were a child.
    • It did not rain yesterday.

Making it Negative:

Put did not/didn’t before the base verb.

  • He did not go home last night.
  • She didn’t eat any cake.
  • We didn’t fall in love.

Asking a Question:

Did + Subject + Base verb (+Object)

  • Did you like to eat vegetables when you were a child?
    • Answer: Yes, I did. or No, I didn’t. 
  • Did he go to work yesterday?
    • Answer: Yes, he did. or No, he didn’t.
  • Did we miss the train?
    • Answer: Yes, we did. or No, we didn’t.

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