How to – FlipGrid Tutorial

Each Lesson Focus has FOUR parts:

  1. Learn – Main Video,
  2. Listen – the Listening Quiz,
  3. Practice – the Practice Videos,
  4. Speak – the FlipGrid Assignment.

When you get to the “FlipGrid Assignment“, you will see something like this:

Follow these steps to complete your Speaking Assignment on FlipGrid:

  • Watch the video to find out what your assignment is.
  • Scroll down to see the instructions:
  • Go to FlipGrid

Use the link in the directions to log into FlipGrid. Unfortunately, this is only for people with Google or Microsoft accounts.
(If you do not have an account with Google or Microsoft, you can make a private Youtube or Bilibili video and share it with your teacher at Please keep the videos to under 45 seconds.)

You should see a log-in screen like this:

  • Enter the Password: Baker123
  • You will now see the Assignment:

Read the assignment again. Practice. When you are ready to make your video, scroll down. Click on the button that looks like this:

  • You may have to log in again with either Google or Microsoft. If you are using your own device, click on “Remember Me” to avoid this step later.
  • Next, a recording screen will pop up. Click the record button at the bottom to make your video.
  • When you are done recording, press the same button again to stop. Then click:
  • Next, take a selfie to put as the icon of your video. You can decorate this with emojis or text and even different filters.
  • Finally, you must give yourself a Display Name, write a Title (for example – “(Your Name) – Assignment #2”:
  • Next Click on “Submit my Video”:
  • You will see this screen:
  • Click “Complete” and you are DONE! You are welcome to watch and give nice comments to other students that are working on this topic as well! You can do this by clicking on a video and then clicking the “Reply” button. It looks like this:

That’s it!

Remember to do these speaking assignments, because practicing and getting feedback is the only way that you can improve! Good luck and remember to ask me if you have any questions at all about these materials!

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